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LTE protected filters

LTE protection filters for 4G (791 MHz-862 MHz) and GSM + TETRA (870 MHz-960 MHz) signals. A complete range of filters from outdoors solutions, to TV switchable elements, with Fagor guarantee.

Image Reference Model Description Installation Manual Certificates Technical sheet Photo
85048 LBF 758 LTE protection filter 5-758 lbf.pdf LBF SERIE.pdf lbf.pdf lbf.jpg
85056 LBF 694 Indoor LTE filter 694 MHz lbf694.pdf - LBF-M-694.pdf lbf694.jpg
85059 SBF 790 High rejection cavity filter sbf790.pdf sbf790.pdf sbf790.pdf sbf790.jpg
85062 LBF-M-694 Outdoor LTE filter 694 MHz LBF-M-694.pdf LBF-M-694.pdf LBF-M-694.pdf LBF-M-694.jpg