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Quality & Environment

The management of Fagor Electrónica, S. Coop. considers and accepts that the management of quality, the environment and the safety of workers and assets is strategic to achieving the sustained and sustainable development of the company.

This is why we are committed to the integrated management, with the same level of importance, of the aforementioned aspects, with the establishment of a management system in accordance with the relevant standards, to ensure:

  • The quality of our processes, products & services

  • Respect for the environment

  • The health and safety of workers


General principles

This quality, environmental and safety policy is the result of reflection on the cooperative’s strategic Objectives, it involves the entire staff and it is conducted by the Management.

Customer orientation to achieve their complete satisfaction, based on knowledge about their needs and expectations and meeting their requirements. Identify and meet the legal and regulation requirements that affect us. Work on the basis of objectives and results, deploying and reviewing them to make them easier to understand and be taken on board by the entire workforce, to measure the effectiveness of the system and the progress made in continuous improvement. Share information, autonomy and teamwork becoming more efficient, involved and motivated workers. Develop conditions to promote a favourable attitude on the part of the workforce towards innovation.

  • Principles deriving from the quality management system:

    1. Work on error prevention, applying the quality maxim: “do it right the first time”.
    2. Commitment to continuous improvement.
    3. Manage processes to achieve maximum efficiency, reducing waste and eliminating operations with no added value.
  • Principles deriving from the environmental management system

    1. Promote the rational and efficient use of energy and other natural resources (saving, recycling, re-use and ecological design).
    2. Manage spillages and waste and prevent contamination to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  • Principles deriving from the health and safety at work management system:

    1. Prevent workplace risk associated with both workers and assets.
    2. Improve working conditions and promote worker health.

Integrated Management System

  1. Defect-free products which satisfy our customers' expectations. Analysing on a multi-disciplinary basis the root causes of the actual or potential problems.
  2. Learning from the best practices in the market.
  3. Co-operating with the stakeholders in our project (customers, suppliers and
  4. collaborators in general).
  5. Using the right improvement tools.
  6. Taking advantage of the potential of the people working at Fagor Electrónica.
  7. Learning from our errors and how it is done by the best.
  1. Reduce energy, water & paper consumption.
  2. Re-use natural resources insofar as possible (water, paper).
  3. Design our products on the basis of green criteria; minimum consumption and maximum recyclability.
  4. Separating the waste we produce for it to betreated properly.
  5. Controlling spillage and emissions.
  1. Prevent accidents or minimise the impact if they do happen.
  2. Prevent health problems deriving from professional activities.
Integrated Management System

Quality assurance

Fagor Electronica Quality Assurance is based on:

  1. Effective designs and major product and process changes qualified according to AEC-Q101 standard.
  2. Continuous Supplier's Evaluation program including Quality Audits and Quality Agreements.
  3. In Process Control of product, manufacturing equipments and testers.
  4. Outgoing Quality Inspection
  5. Continuous Improvement Program and methodologies.
  6. Reliability equipments capabilities for products qualification and continuous product's evaluation

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Reach compliance statement

Fagor Electrónica S. Coop. fulfills the requirements for implementing the European regulation EC 1907/2006 "REACH".

Fagor Electrónica S. Coop. as downstream user is in contact with its suppliers for assuring that all substances concerned are registered or have been pre-registered according to REACH requirements.

Besides, in accordance to Article 33 of this regulation, the company submits the correspondent notifications to its customers regarding Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) contained in the products, according to the Candidate list.

At present, all Fagor Electrónica S. Coop. products and packaging materials:

  1. Don't contain any of the substances included in the Candidate list
  2. Fulfill the restrictions for banned substances according to Annex XVII of EC1907/2006 regulation

Download SVHC candidate list