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New MOON amplifiers series

Written by Klaudia Weiss   |   22 October 2020

Fagor launches the new Moon multi-band amplifier series, a modern, compact and powerful solution for distributing television (terrestrial and satellite) and radio (FM, DAB) signals on coaxial cable networks.

The new design based on the latest electronic component technologies, maximizes the output power and gain of the equipment while minimizing its size. The high selectivity of the input filters guarantees a great protection against 4G and 5G LTE interfering signals (790 or 694MHz depending on the model) according to the current regulations.

On the other hand, the regulation by 75ohm attenuators allows maintaining the high flatness of the frequency response of the amplifiers at the output. Its innovative mechanical design includes the possibility of removing the power supply for easy replacement in case of failure. At the same time, the aluminum body ensures an excellent heat dissipation guaranteeing a long life of the equipment components.

All this designed and produced by Fagor Electrónica in Spain.

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New MOON amplifiers series