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Fagor Electrónica launches www.venusfagor.com

Written by Klaudia Weiss   |   01 February 2017

This new site aims to disseminate the Venus project for the development of magnet-free motors for electric vehicles. The name of the project, like the planet Venus which has no magnetic field, aims to replace their “twin” motors that are currently mounted in most EV-s without making use of permanent magnets.

The VENUS project was created to design electrical machines that use less permanent magnet materials, materials other than rare earths and even completely free of magnets. The team explored two parallel study strands, one based on SRM and the other on SynRM (SynRM) permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motors.
As a result of this work, Fagor Electrónica has developed a high-performance inverter, the lightest, smallest and with the highest power density on the market, suitable for mounting on electric motors, which considerably reduces the length of the connections and simplifies their installation. The website also incorporates a new video that describes the activity and in particular the Venus Fagor project.




Fagor Electrónica launches www.venusfagor.com