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The Fagor Electronica Fleet Management Business is renamed Smart Data Services

Written by Klaudia Weiss   |   14 January 2020

Smart Data Services is the new name of the Fagor Electrónica business oriented to offer connected global services for localization and decision making.

In the year 2000, when the startup term was still unknown, Fagor Electrónica led by the University of Cantabria began a new activity aimed at offering fleet location and management solutions to companies. At that time it was difficult to imagine the growth that this activity has had over the last few years, not only in the Spanish market, but also in other areas such as South America, where it is being implanted with great force. From that initial project, which started with 12 workers, Fagor Electrónica has now had a workforce of more than 50 people in its offices, located in Santander. It has a wide portfolio of clients, among which transport, logistics and distribution companies stand out, as well as companies whose supply chain is a key factor in the business.

Clients such as Naturgy, Eroski, or Transportes San José guarantee their 20 years of experience in the sector

Whether it is a fleet of vehicles, a merchandise, or the information that circulates through the vehicle, Fagor Electrónica offers you an optimal solution for each business, fully adapted for the control, management and optimization of their mobile business resources.

Smart Data Services has three product areas:
• Flotasnet®, a web platform created for professionals who need information for the control, management and optimisation of their mobile resources.
• Ubika® is a new concept of logistics platform that connects the information systems of all agents in the supply chain - carriers, logistics operators, freight forwarders, shipping companies ... - providing the necessary transparency for the best decision making. Ubika is the Center for Integral Transportation Control
• SmartData Car® is the Business Intelligence Platform for maximizing the business of OEMs, bodybuilders, leasing / leasing companies,… increasing the sale of vehicles, spare parts and services and offering a differential positioning.

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 The Fagor Electronica Fleet Management Business is renamed Smart Data Services