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Recognition to the cooperative, Fagor Electrónica

Written by Klaudia Weiss   |   15 July 2019

Fagor Electrónica receives recognition for its work carried out in the last 53 years in the Conference of the Higher Council of Cooperatives of Euskadi.

Commitment of cooperatives to Sustainable Development
The President of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkullu, also attended the event, who highlighted the importance of the cooperatives' commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, objectives that respond to the cooperative movement: contributing to sustainable economic growth and quality employment, always with the person at the center of their activity. According to Urkullu, the cooperative model works and demonstrates that placing the person in the center is the best instrument to gain efficiency and competitiveness in a global market. "This model focuses on the person, reinvesting in their environment and seeks maximum welfare within the framework of sustainable growth, from the environmental, economic and social point of view, with a global perspective," clarified the Lehendakari.

Recognition of cooperatives that have reached 50 years of age
The act, in turn, served to recognize the work done by 69 cooperatives in Euskadi, which have served more than 50 years. Nearly half of those cooperatives recognized in the act yesterday belong to the MONDRAGON Corporation. Its presidents received recognition on behalf of the entire collective of these cooperatives.

Recognition to the cooperative, Fagor Electrónica