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Employees tell what it's like to come back to the office

Written by Klaudia Weiss   |   25 May 2020

“I avoid the elevator, I prefer the stairs" A mixture of respect and strangeness envelops the return to work after confinement. Fagor Electrónica in the El Pais newspaper - Business section
A cleaning and disinfection to which they are accustomed in Fagor Electrónica, of the Mondragón Corporation, where they assure that "working with PPE is something normal, as we have a clean room where we carry out chemical processes". Located in Gipuzkoa, which is going through phase 1 of the de-escalation process, "all access to the company has been centralised in a single entrance "and we are forbidden to return with a temperature above 37 degrees", says Mónica Vaz, President of the Governing Council. "The common areas have been restricted, there are maximum capacities and signs that remind us of distance. The view goes through closed elevators, except for those who need it; doors are open to avoid handles, circulation routes and entry shifts". On his return to Fagor Electrónica she says: "I miss the closer contact with my colleagues", says Vaz.

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Employees tell what it's like to come back to the office